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About Us: IHD as Part of a Wider Collaboration


Our Mission

At Intelligent Healthcare Design (IHD), our mission is to revolutionize the healthcare landscape by addressing the unique challenges faced by an aging population and underserved social care sector. We are driven to enhance the quality of care at every stage, from independent living to residential care, employing cutting-edge technology and AI solutions.

By fostering a proactive approach, we empower healthcare providers to anticipate and prevent health issues, transforming their services from reactive to visionary. Our commitment extends to providing critical data insights that fuel advancements in treatments and healthcare pathways. With unwavering dedication, we are reshaping the healthcare narrative to ensure a future where innovation meets compassion, and every individual's well-being is at the heart of our design.

Challenges in Social Care

The social care sector grapples with underfunding and a crucial role within healthcare. Enhancing social care services can alleviate strain on primary care. Challenges include government funding cuts, an aging population, and complex care needs. Dementia stands as a prevalent condition among residents entering residential care.


Innovation and attention tend to favor primary care, leaving social care undersupported. By fortifying social care, we uplift the aging population's quality of life, reduce costs, and empower care providers. Leveraging proactive technology can transform care provision from reactive to anticipatory, ushering in an integrated healthcare approach.


Our Goals

At Intelligent Healthcare Design (IHD), we are driven by a profound commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the healthcare industry, particularly in the realm of social care. Our mission revolves around several core goals:

Enhancing Quality of Care


In an era of an aging population, we aim to elevate the quality of care across all stages, from independent living to residential care, thereby extending the duration of care and overall well-being.

Proactive Health Services:


We strive to empower healthcare providers with a technology platform that enables them to shift from a reactive approach to a proactive one, ensuring the early detection and prevention of health issues.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions


Our aim is to introduce cutting-edge technology and AI solutions into an often-neglected segment of healthcare, catalyzing innovation and advancements.

Critical Data Insights


By offering robust data and analytical services, we support the pharmaceutical and health and life sciences sectors in gaining profound insights into chronic conditions and illnesses, paving the way for improved treatments and healthcare strategies.


Ideal Customer Profile: Residential & In Home Care Providers

In the United Kingdom, the realm of care provision faces a critical juncture, marked by the challenges posed by an aging population and a dynamic healthcare landscape. The statistics reflect the magnitude of this scenario:

Across the UK, there exist over 17,000 care homes, encompassing private, voluntary, and public entities. This landscape incorporates the distinct regions of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

The UK's largest care home providers collectively manage around 50,000 beds, indicating the concentration and significance of the industry's players. Notable names like HC-One, Four Seasons Health Care, Barchester Healthcare, Care UK, and Bupa stand at the forefront.

The home care sector is equally robust, comprising more than 10,100 providers meticulously registered and regulated by entities such as the CQC in England.

The UK's demographic landscape is at a crossroads, offering challenges and prospects. Anticipated growth in the population aged over 85—projected to double from 1.6 million in 2020 to 3.7 million by 2050—marks a societal turning point.

However, a significant disparity exists. Care development isn't keeping pace with the expanding elderly population. The number of care home beds per 100 individuals aged over 85 has decreased from 33.7 to 28.7 since 2010, with further decline expected. This trend underlines the pressing need for innovative solutions to bridge the gap between the rising elderly demographic and accessible care resources.

Navigating Growth

and Balance

Our Ideal Customers

In this landscape of challenges and untapped potential, we align our vision with residential and in-home care providers. Your dedication to ensuring the well-being of the elderly population aligns with our mission to offer proactive and integrated healthcare solutions.


Together, we can navigate the evolving landscape, harnessing technology to enhance care quality, provide data-driven insights, and usher in a new era of effective and compassionate care provision.

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